Saturday, January 19, 2019

HCDE Takes a RIGHT Turn

While most of Harris County turned “left” in the 2018 November election, one countywide board actually took a sharp turn to the “right.” 

HCDE, the only school board in Texas elected by political party, replaced its two Democrat board members with two more Democrats as expected. 

But one of the RINOs, Louis Evans, was replaced by the STRONG conservative Republican, Josh Flynn. That seemingly minor change made a HUGE difference during their first board meeting on 1/16/19.

First, Josh Flynn was elected Board President, the first pleasant surprise at HCDE for Harris County conservatives in decades. 

Then, in total surprise for Harris County taxpayers, the Board voted to cancel their $220,000 a year lobbying contract with HillCo.

The discussion on the lobbying contract went as expected.

The Superintendent argued that the lobbying contract was necessary because he is too busy with his job at HCDE to pay attention to the Legislature.

Maybe he should stop playing golf on school time with $1,500 of taxpayer money ...or stop taking other HCDE administrators out to Perry’s Steakhouse with $741.92 of taxpayer money.

The Superintendent also argued that HCDE needs the “armor” provided by lobbyists to protect HCDE from the Legislature.

Is he afraid the Legislature will find out that HCDE opened and operated a high school last year with a FULL STAFF and ZERO students?

Or is he afraid the Legislature will find out that NONE of the four alternative schools HCDE operates are ACCREDITED by the State of Texas?

The best quote from the Superintendent came when asked by Trustee Danny Norris – one of the new Democrat Trustees - exactly what HillCo does for HCDE. The Superintendent answered,
 “I don’t like to share the playbook with the public because it defeats the purpose of the lobbyists.”
At least the Superintendent  admitted in an open meeting that he has been using HillCo to fight AGAINST the “public” – in other words – to fight against the taxpayers who pay his salary and all his expensive travel and credit card charges.

The lobbying contract discussion ended with a rant against Republicans and even Senator Ted Cruz by the biggest phony Republican in Harris County – Trustee Eric Dick. He made it clear that he does not understand the difference between hiring lobbyists with private funds and hiring lobbyists with taxpayer dollars.  Guess they didn’t teach that in law school.

If the first meeting of the new HCDE Board is any indication of what is to come, buckle your seat belts. This could be a great ride for Harris County taxpayers.

You can view the lobbying contact discussion:  here  
or view the full meeting:  here 

Colleen Vera


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