Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Filibuster for Fraud???

When Texas State Senator Carol Alvarado gained the national media spotlight by wearing a back brace and catheter to stall the Texas Election Integrity bill, I thought it odd. Why would she go to all that trouble to stop legislation that makes it HARDER to harvest mailed ballots?

So I decided to dig through my “needs further research someday” file – documents I’ve come across over the years that stood out as obviously different from the norm, but didn’t fit into the investigation at the time.

I didn’t have to dig very deep to find a batch of ballot by mail applications I had clipped together a few years ago.

What made these applications fishy?

These were not the typical handwritten applications mailed in by individual voters.

Instead, these were pre-printed, sent in boxes containing multiple completed applications, and delivered by courier to the Harris County Clerk on February 15th and 19th of 2013.





Who sent both boxes of completed ballot by mail applications? 


            Carol Alvarado’s Campaign Office !



That’s odd … because Carol Alvarado’s campaign financial reports do not show any payments to “Transnet Delivery Solutions,” the courier service used. Could that have been a simple oversight? TWICE?

So….what election was being held in Harris County at that time?

 March 2, 2013  Special Runoff Election for State Senate District 6.

Which two candidates were involved in that runoff?  

I bet you can guess ONE….

                          Carol Alvarado and  Sylvia R. Garcia.

Well….knowing this….do you think Senator Carol Alvarado filibustered to PROTECT voters or BALLOT HARVESTERS?


Note: The statute of limitations has passed on every possible violation mentioned above.

Colleen Vera