Thursday, February 25, 2016

Let's Take Back Our Texas Land and Water

Our US Constitution specifies only two reasons for the federal government to own land within the States:

  1. 10 square miles for our Nation's Capital, and
  2. "for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-yards, and other needful buildings

Our 10th Amendment leaves the rest to the States or to the People.

But today, the federal government owns about 28% of the land in the US ... 640 MILLION ACRES ... and only 14.4 million of those are administered by the Department of Defense for military bases, training ranges, etc. 

Did you know the US Government controls lands and waterways throughout Texas which are NOT military bases?

For example: The U.S. Army, through its Corps of Engineers (USACE,) controls 25 lakes in Texas.


They claim it's for "flood damage reduction, water supply, outdoor recreation, and environmental stewardship..." They even have a "Hunting Program" at 23 of the lakes. 

In the The US Army Corps of Engineers Hunting Guide 2015-2016 they claim that "hunting activities are one of the many tools that the Corps utilizes in the management of our natural resources."

Is it really the role of the US Army to:

"Maintain or improve fish and wildlife habitats ... Protect rare, threatened and endangered species ..."  or  
"... Educate lake visitors about the importance of environmental stewardship ..."

at NON-MILITARY locations across the United States?

Take a look at this map of some federal lands in Texas and you'll see a list of  federal entities used to control Texas lands and waterways:

  1. US Forest Service
  2. Department of Defense
  3. Bureau of Land Management
  4. Fish and Wildlife Service
  5. National Park Service
  6. Bureau of Indian Affairs
  7. Bureau of Reclamation
  8. NASA
  9. Department of Energy
  10. Department of Transportation....

A close look at a map of federal lands shows how strategically located a variety of federal entities are along our Texas waterways.

That’s right—the federal government controls - and can cut off our access to - some of our important surface water across Texas.

  • National Forests
  • National Preserves
  • National Wildlife Reserves and
  • Lakes controlled by USACE

A search of my county's property appraisal district shows page after page of federally owned properties which are too small to show up on these maps - 29 in my 77084 zip code alone.

Why does the federal government find it necessary to own so many parcels of land in urban Texas areas... 


...when Texas is capable of controlling and regulating our own lands and waterways. We don't need the federal government to do it for us. 

It is time for us to take control of our resources back from the federal government.

What can you do?

Take 3 copies of the following resolution with you to your Republican precinct caucus held after the Primary ends on March 1, 2016.

Download as a document: here

Then contact your State Senator and Representative to ask them to sponsor a bill next session to take control of our Texas lands and waterways away from the federal government, and give it back to the People of Texas.

Colleen Vera


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