Saturday, January 21, 2012

HCDE#11 League of Women Voters Documents 1979-1982

Below is a small sample of documents housed at the Houston Metropolitan Research Center that I used as reference material for my posts.

They are from The League of Women Voters Houston Collection 
   Dates: 1929-1989
Box # 14   Folder # 5
Title: Efforts to change election date, HC Board of School Trustees, 1979-1982

If you are going to the Reserach Center to review the rest of the file, I suggest you read their wedsite to be prepared for things like parking and their locker system before you go.

#1   Complaint and
           Concent Decree and Order
           Civil Action No. H-80-143

            Unites States of America   vs
            County School Trustees of Harris County,
            et al., Defendants

Filed Sept. 25, 1980

#2 Part of case summary composed by LWV:               

#3 Letter                                                  

#4  Motion for Preliminary Injunction 

#5 Letters


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