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Culberson - The Next Generation

Albert Einstein defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

A perfect example is the voters of CD7 sending Culberson to Washington over and over and then complaining when he votes FOR the Omnibus spending bill.

We may be able to stop this insanity because two candidates are running against Culberson in the Mar. 1, 2016 Republican Primary.

Let’s look at our choices:

1. As expected, John Culberson, a career politician, is running again.
  • He has spent the last 29 years in politics; 15 of them in Congress
  • He keeps making us promises that he has a way to use his seat on the Appropriations Committee to stop funding for Obama’s liberal agenda. But year after year no funding is ever stopped.
  • His ranking by Freedom Works in 2015 was 70.
  • His 2014 fiscal rating by the American Conservative Union has gone down 36 points since 2010. It was the lowest of all Texas Republican US Representatives in 2014.

2. Maria Espinoza , a local conservative grassroots activist, is running against him. 

Most of us in CD7 know her from her efforts fighting illegal immigration. She has been outspoken on many issues so there is plenty of information about her for all to research with simple Google searches. Her website includes her platform as well as contact info.

3. The final GOP candidate is James Lloyd who is so unknown that even Politics1 and US Elections have no information on him or even links to his campaign site.

That really concerned me so I spent my weekend researching online to see what I could find out about him. Because the last thing CD 7 needs is an Obama – a good looking, smooth talking guy who shows up out of the blue, well funded with establishment dollars, promising the moon, then delivering the opposite.

Lloyd’s website makes some claims that sound really great. But the closer I looked and the more I dug, the more questions I have.

#1- Where does he live?

He is 31 years old. He is not active military. Yet his voter  registration is at his parents’ million dollar home in River Oaks.

 Does he still live with Mommy and Daddy?

Or does he live at the apartment on Kipling listed on his Statement of Candidacy filed with the Federal Elections Commission? 

If he lives on Kipling, why isn’t he registered to vote there? And why did a single female voter register at that apartment just 13 weeks ago?

#2 – Republican leadership for 15 years?

Lloyd makes the claims that he:

He was born in the summer of 1984. He wasn’t old enough to vote until the end of June 2002.

So the first GOP state convention he could have attended as an elected delegate was in 2004 – 12 years ago.

If his career in conservative leadership began at the age of 16, and he has been an activist in the Republican Party for 15 years, why can’t I find anything anywhere on the internet to confirm his involvement as a Republican leader?

#3 – Why is there no information about him on the internet?

Lloyd’s website claims that he is a “GRASSROOTS CONSERVATIVE LEADER.”

Yet, there is nothing on the internet to confirm this.

Try this simple test yourself – do a basic internet search of each candidate “+ republican.” 

You will find much to read from multiple sources– both pro and con – to prove both Culberson and Espinoza have been involved.

But Google Lloyd … and you will find nothing to confirm his “grassroots conservative leader” claim.

Heck, I don’t claim to have been a grassroots conservative leader for the past 15 years, but when I Googled myself, just like Culberson and Espinoza,  multiple sources – both pro and con – prove I have been involved in the grassroots for the past few years.

And why doesn’t Lloyd have any details on his website?

Both Culberson and Espinoza list where they stand on issues such as illegal immigration and Obamacare.

Records show Lloyd's campaign website was purchased on Dec. 6, by Harris Media, giving his parents’ address. 

In almost a month, why has Lloyd not been able to post his platform or list any endorsements on his website?

His website includes only these four pages:

#4 – Maverick PAC

On LinkedIn, Lloyd lists himself as the Houston Co-Chair of Maverick PAC.

Source Watch describes Maverick PAC as a political action committee “comprised of… "next-generation" Republicans fronted by George P Bush. They target young Republicans under the age of 45.”

The Board reads like a Who’s Who of Bush Dynasty connections:

And then there is Murray Van Eman – the PAC Treasurer - a San Antonio attorney. I didn’t find any connection to a Bush. 

Bizapedia lists him and his male partner as the registering agent and director of the SanAntonio Gay Flag Football League. Aggie Network hosts the announcements of the adoption of their two sons.

What a coincidence that both Lloyd and his dad (Russell) were also Bush appointees.

And another coincidence: Harris Media LLC, the same firm whose email is registered with Lloyd’s campaign website, is a firm which TEC records show is also used by both George P Bush’s campaign and the Maverick PAC.

News reports show  Maverick PAC’s largest ($900,000) donor also gave “nearly $1 million during the 2012 election cycle to American Crossroads, which is affiliated with Karl Rove, President George W. Bush's former top political adviser.”

What a small world!!!

The Source Watch report on the candidates supported by Maverick PAC reads:
The group itself lists old-school heavy hitters and old-guard-friendly candidates on their 2012 list

Records also show Maverick PAC Texas hired Story Partners LLC in Washington DC for public relations and advertising. Both top executives of Story Partners LLC,  Gloria Story Dittus and Debra Cabral, donated to Hillary’s campaign in 2015.

So much for conservative support.

#5- Has Lloyd been primed for political office?

Lloyd’s resume reads like that of a guy who has been primed for  political office.

Many of his “opportunities” are only available to those with the right connections.

A summer internship with the Commissioner of Major League Baseball certainly doesn’t come along every day. 

I am sure that it had nothing to do with the fact that a Bush owns a team.

On his website Lloyd claims to be a  “National Security Expert.”

Look closely at his resume:

  •     2 months
  •     4 months
  •     1 year
  •     Fellow
  •     Intern
  •     Clerk
  •     Summer Associate
  •     Writer
  •     Deputy Associate Director

All of these are great experiences for anyone interested in law and/or politics. 

But does this resume really qualify anyone as a “National Security EXPERT?”

Is it another coincidence that Lloyd changed law firms this year?

To the firm of Sidley Austin. Some facts on the firm:
  • the firm where Barack Hussein met his future wife, Michelle
  • a firm that made $3 million in 2011 alone lobbying Washington DC
  • a firm which has landed $12 million in federal contracts since 2009
  • the chart below from Muckety shows current and former attorneys at the firm who received presidential appointments

Now Lloyd’s resume doesn't just read like that of a guy who has been primed for  political reads like another lifelong politician who just needs to win his first election.

A quote from Lloyd’s own campaign announcement:
 “If we keep electing the same people, 
    nothing is going to change.”


Electing the next generation of hand-picked establishment politicians IS  electing the same people.”

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.                                                              Albert Einstein

Colleen Vera


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