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Judge a Man by His Friends


In the Texas Republican Primary Run-Off for Lieutenant Governor, voters have been bombarded with ads and mailers. There are so many candidate attacks…. how does anyone know whom to believe?

Well, there is an old Japanese proverb:

When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.”

I wish people would have done that when President Obama first ran for President in 2008. Donor ”friends” such as Bill Ayers, Rahm Emmanuel, George Soros, Valerie Jarrett, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright would have given us insight into the man Barack Obama was BEFORE he was elected.

So, it seems very fitting now for Texas to look a little deeper at the “friends” supplying the money for these candidates’ campaigns, to get some insight into who they REALLY are.

Both candidates have held public office. Mailers claim both candidates have had bankruptcies in the past. Both claim to be “conservative.”

But there is a HUGE difference in their donor “friends.”

David Dewhurst

Campaign records show Madeline McClure, Director of TexProtects, donated $6,000 to Dewhurst for this campaign. Not surprising because he appoints her to powerful statewide task forces. 

She gives Dewhurst credit for passing legislation to use our state tax dollars to fund one of her liberal causes, the Nurse Family Partnership. It is a part of Obama’s government pre-k program and universal health care, and another program designed to substitute government for faith and family.

Guess that is why federal records show McClure donated to two federal campaigns in 2012 – Barack Obama and David Dewhurst.

Click on image to enlarge

Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) records show McClure made donations to other candidates and PACs this election cycle besides Dewhurst – some notable ones are:

  • Wendy Davis
  • ActBlue Texas
  • Annie’s List
  • House Democrat Campaign Committee


McClure is not unique on the Dewhurst list of “friends” who have donated to Democrats on the federal level.

The chart below shows some examples of current Dewhurst donors along with some samples of their federal Democrat donations. Donations to liberals such as:

  • Barack Obama
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Rahm Emmanuel 
  • Bill White
  • Al Gore
  • Sheila Jackson Lee
  • Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee
  • Texas Democrat Party
  • Dewhurst for Texas

Current Dewhurst Donor
Federal Donations
dp14 dp13
dp16 dp15
dp7 dp6
dp8 dp9
dp20 dp19

Even more telling to me are donors like Julius Glickman.
TEC reports show Glickman has made two state campaign donations this cycle:

  • Wendy Davis
  • David Dewhurst



Records show Glickman has supported other liberals on the federal level such as Bill White and Hillary Clinton.

 Troubling to me are the Dewhurst donors who also support  Democrat Joaquin Castro for US Rep from San Antonio. He is the twin brother of far left San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro. A few are shown in the chart below:

Dewhurst Donation
Castro Donation
jc2 jc1
jc5 jc4
jc9 jc8

Now, contrast Dewhurst’s donor “friends” to Patrick’s...

Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick’s donors are the polar opposites of many Dewhurst donors. For example, TEC records show that James Leininger  donated to Patrick as well as other conservative groups  this election cycle. Groups such as:

  • North Texas Tea Party PAC
  • Tea Party Patriots State PAC
  • Dallas Fort Worth Conservative Voters



On the federal level,
Leininger has supported numerous Republicans including:

   Fred Thompson   

   Rick  Santorum

 The chart below shows further examples of current Patrick donors along with some other conservatives they support such as:

  • Alan West
  • Newt Gingrich
  • Michelle Bachmann
  • Ted Cruz
  • Ben Steusand
  • Conservative Campaign Committee

Current Patrick Donor
Federal Donations
pat16 pat15
pat13 pat14
pat18 pat17
pat19 pat20

What is fascinating to me about the Patrick donors I found through the TEC, was the number of small ($1,000 or less) grassroots donors. Many donated only to Patrick on the state level and had few, if any, records of donations on the national level. For example, a few persons who donated only to Patrick and have no record of ever having donated to a federal campaign:


And when one of Patrick's grassroots donor “friends” did donate federally, it was usually to a conservative cause. For example, TEC records show Don Montgomery of Azle, Texas donated $1,000 to Patrick …

pat33 pat34

… as well as $500 to Safari Club International PAC, a group that promotes hunting world-wide and local causes such as keeping public lands “public.”


All the data above is a sampling of campaign records available online. It is NOT an “audit” of every donation made in these two campaigns. However, based on the records I reviewed, the Japanese proverb applies perfectly…

When the character of a man is not clear to you,   look at his friends.”

So, I looked at the candidates’ campaign “friends” to help me make the right choice at the ballot box. I  choose the candidate whose “friends” are the most like mine:

David Dewhurst Dan Patrick
Wendy Davis Michelle Bachmann
Barack Obama Allen West
Joaquin Castro Newt Gingrich
Bill White Ted Cruz
Rahm Emmanuel Rick Perry
ActBlue Texas Texas Tea Party Patriots
Hillary Clinton Ben Streusand
Sheila Jackson Lee Rick Santorum
Democrat National Committee Conservative Campaign Committee

Wow…that ended up being a no brainer!

Colleen Vera


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