Sunday, March 3, 2013


All but 2 of the 254 Texas counties shut down their County School Boards back in the 1960s when all students moved to Independent School Districts….

But Harris County still elects County School Trustees 50 years after our last countywide school closed. 

HB 945 finally shuts down this dinosaur board.


   Collects $19 Million in property taxes each year ON TOP OF ISD taxes.

·       Does NOT distribute tax funds to Harris County ISDs as required by TEC 18.14.

·       Has built elaborate and expensive facilities; pays high salaries to @1500 employees

·       Spends a total annual budget of nearly $100 Million with ZERO zoned students.

·       Uses tax money to pay lobbyists to fight against the taxpayers.

·       Uses tax money as venture capital to start revenue-positive businesses.

·       Serves paying customers all over the United States.

·       Receives “kickback” fees (as high as 33%) on contracts with state/local agencies.

·       Rewards former board members with lucrative “consulting” contracts.

·       Allows board members to represent companies selling to HCDE & its co-ops.

·       Property owners pay for multiple competing services with only the bureaucrats coming out ahead

·     If we don’t get it done THIS WEEK, Harris County property owners have to pay this EXTRA TAX for two more years!

How to contact your State Representative and Senator: link here 

Read more: here


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