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Taxpayer Revolt Against HCDE & Its Board

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When the people fear their government,there is tyranny.

When the government fears the people,there is liberty.    Thomas Jefferson

It is time. Time for citizens of Harris County to stand up. Time to stand up against  The Harris County Department of Education (HCDE) Board of Trustees. A Board which was elected to “serve” we the people – but instead is using our education tax dollars as its own private slush fund to support its liberal causes.

What has the HCDE Board done? It has approved our EDUCATION TAX DOLLARS to pay for a lawsuit that it claimed was only to make sure their board elections were legal – but ended up being a lawsuit to challenge the new redistricted boundary lines of the Harris County Commissioners.

Who benefits from this lawsuit?  The Democrat Party. By re-drawing district lines for the County Commissioners, the Democrats could gerrymander their way to more seats on the Harris County Commissioners’ Court.

So, you would logically conclude that the HCDE Board of Trustees is dominated by Democrats. But, you’d be wrong!

Trustees who claim to be Republicans hold a 5 to 2 advantage versus declared Democrats.

Either these  Pseudo Republicans totally deceived the voters of Harris County when they ran on the Republican ticket, or they are totally clueless about Trustee responsibilities to oversee the actions of the HCDE administration. Either way, their conduct in this matter borders on corrupt and criminal. At minimum, it strongly suggests complete incompetence.

And to make things even worse, the HCDE  lawsuit was filed against the people it is supposed to serve !!!!

HCDE’s Board of Trustees is suing Harris County.

That means the Harris County taxpayers have to pay for BOTH SIDES of this lawsuit. So, no matter what the outcome, Harris County taxpayers lose and have to pay the entire legal bill, which could end up being hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And there is another issue at hand. As we learned by watching ACORN operate over the years, counties don’t have large sums of extra cash in reserve to fight lawsuits, so they usually “settle.” And when they “settle,” the conservatives always lose and the liberals get exactly what they wanted all along, using the taxpayers’ own money to get it.

If this were a great con game movie it might be fun to watch. But when it is REAL PEOPLE, REAL TAXPAYERS, and REAL MONEY there is nothing fun about it.

This is OUR COUNTY and OUR MONEY the HCDE Board of Trustees is using to forward their own LIBERAL AGENDA – so, it is up to US to STOP IT!

What can we do?

First, remember we elected these seven people to REPRESENT US, not to con or use us.

Second,  we need to let the 4 Harris County School Trustees who voted FOR this LAWSUIT know that WE THE PEOPLE expect them to STOP throwing our money away and  DROP THIS LAWSUIT NOW. Please be firm but respectful. Their emails are below:

Angie Chesnut (R)
Board President (Precinct 4)

morales facebook photo

LT. COL. (Ret.) Roy Morales (R)
(Precinct 1)
Voted FOR the LAWSUIT.

morris facebook photo cropped

Marvin W. Morris (R)
Precinct 2)
Voted FOR the LAWSUIT.

kerner facebook photo

Debra Kerner  (D)
(At Large)
Voted FOR the LAWSUIT.

Third, memorize the names and faces of these four Board Members so you will remember NEVER to VOTE for ANY of them again.

Next, we need to let the  2 Board Members who were absent for the lawsuit vote know that WE THE PEOPLE expect them to take a stand to STOP throwing our money away and  DROP THIS LAWSUIT NOW. Please be firm but respectful. Their emails are below:

evans facebook photoLouis D. Evans, III (R)
Board Vice-President  (Precinct 3)
ABSENT for lawsuit vote.

henley facebook photo

Jim Henley (D)
(At Large)
ABSENT for lawsuit vote.

Then let the ONLY Board Member who voted AGAINST the lawsuit  know that WE THE PEOPLE have his back  and want him to fight to DROP THIS LAWSUIT NOW. Please be firm but respectful. His email is below:


Michael Wolfe  (R)
(At Large)
Voted AGAINST the lawsuit.

If you’d rather call, you can leave a message for your Board Member through the HCDE Superintendent's Office because, by law, he is the Secretary of the HCDE Board of Trustees (but has no voting privileges.) Please be firm but respectful.


John E. Sawyer, Ed.D.
713-694-6300 / 713-696-0715

Last, we need to all show up at the next HCDE Board of Trustees Meeting on Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at 1:00 pm and let them all know what we think about the use of our own money to stab us in the back.

Link to HCDE meeting agendas:

If  you’d  like to do more, you can send a quick email to the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission recommending the Legislature abolish this dinosaur organization and stop this waste of taxpayer dollars for good. 

Link to Sunset Advisory Commission – Input Form: 
Name of agency you are
commenting on:
   Education Agency, Texas

(Sample comment and solution below)

Your comments or concerns:   Harris County taxpayers are still paying property taxes to  support two separate school districts - their ISD and a County School Board that no longer has students zoned to it. This is redundant and an unnecessary tax burden. The County School Board is so obsolete the laws governing it, TEC Chapters 17 & 18, are no longer on the books.”

Proposed Solution: “Abolish County School Boards that are still operating under TEC Chapters 17 & 18 and end their taxing authority.”


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