Friday, May 4, 2012

How Many Democrats Have Bought Their Way Into Leadership of the Harris County GOP?


I used to be so naive. I figured, if someone was running for political office, they must be a member of the party they represent. So, if I vote straight party, I am actually voting for people who think like me. Right? After all, why would anybody lie about that? Isn’t that something the parties check out?  And, why would anyone even try to infiltrate the opposing party? Won’t they get caught sooner or later?

Well, not in the Harris County Republican Party. Here, a 5-D (strong Democrat) voter can apparently buy or talk his way onto the Republican Primary ballot and, for an extra $1,000, can buy a seat at the Republican Leadership Council.  With apparently no one checking his background, he simply smooth talks his way through the primary using all the right conservative lingo - “God”, “Military Service”, “Family”, “Duty”, “Honor”, “Courage”, “Christian”, “Ministry”…  The voters assume the well educated, well  spoken candidate has been checked out by their party and take him at his word.

But what would the party have found if they had bothered to check? What should the party have questioned before placing a beautiful “Republican Leadership Council” logo next to the name of a candidate on the Harris County GOP website?

Let’s start with something simple like – where does he live?

According to his own campaign website, “Republican” candidate, Richard Andrew Johnson III was born 2/3/1961 in Houston and is “ happily married to attorney Dante’ N. Johnson, and has four wonderful children”. His campaign financial reports list his wife as his campaign treasurer. It all sounds great. But, a little checking of public records raises some confusing discrepancies.

  • His Campaign Financial Report filed with Harris County on 4/30/2012  lists his mailing address as the house where his wife is registered to vote, 8030 Hertfordshire Cir. in  Spring .

At first I thought there was a simple explanation – the couple was separated – something that happens to lots of people. But, when I emailed Mr. Johnson directly for him to explain, all he would give me was confirmation of  his voter registration address and say that he and his wife are NOT separated. When I asked him to explain why a happily married couple lives – or is registered to vote -  in separate houses, he would not reply.

Then, I did a simple check of his voting record. This “Republican” candidate has NEVER voted in a Republican Primary!!! Well, that might be easy to explain. He could be like me. Someone who has always been independent but now understands if you don’t vote in the primaries, you have no say in the selection of candidates for the general elections. But, Mr. Johnson has been voting in the Democratic Primaries for years.

Richard Andrew Johnson III’s voting record:
But, that is just the tip of the iceberg. He is apparently so well established in the Democratic Party, a simple internet search leads to a blog post from  Aug. 16, 2005  revealing that Richard Andrew Johnson III’s political affiliation has been so strongly Democrat,  he was considering running for the CHAIRMANSHIP of the HARRIS COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY in 2006!!!! 

His less-than-conservative political affiliations go way back, and include some well known Houston liberals like Ron Wilson and Quanelle X.  A Google search leads to a number of issues in his past that call into question the “lifelong conservative Christian values” that he claims in his ads as well as concerns about some of his background. When asked directly about his affiliation with Quanelle X, Mr. Johnson had a very believable reply. Mr. Johnson had simply hired Quanelle X as an employee before Quanelle Ralph Evans changed his name to Quanelle X and became involved with the Nation of Islam . But, the archives of the Houston press tell a different story. 

As you read through the  articles below about  Richard Andrew Johnson III  - a candidate who is currently running in the Republican Primary for Harris County School Trustee -  just think –

when you donate to the Harris County
GOP – this is who you are supporting!!!!

  •   The Houston Press reported on 12/4/1997:
    …“In late 1993, shortly after he was elected to City Council, Yarbrough and his chief of staff Johnson joined the Institute Of Healthy Families and Community  board of directors (the successor to Golden Eagle).  Johnson eventually became board president, and in late 1994  he hired Quanell X to implement a military-style treatment program…”
    A licensed chemical-dependency counselor, Johnson (became) founder and president of the Golden Eagle Leadership Academy, a strictly regimented program for teenage substance abusers that emphasizes military-style discipline and individual responsibility… the Golden Eagle is funded by the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, or TCADA, to run a 30-bed in-patient program for boys ages 13 through 17.
    But according to current and former staff members and residents and parents of residents, the taxpayer-funded academy has another purpose --to recruit African-American youths into the MFOI, an organization formed by Quanell X, the Golden Eagle's program director and a former youth minister with the local Nation of Islam mosque.
    Moreover, at least one teenage resident of the Golden Eagle and two parents of former residents have written letters of complaint to TCADA, alleging that white and Hispanic youngsters in the program have been physically abused by MFOI members. While none of the half-dozen or so residents interviewed by the Press for this story said they've been subjected to an assault at the Golden Eagle, they all professed to be familiar with what's known inside the facility as a "blanket party."
    "Usually, it happens after somebody messes up," says one boy who is still a resident of the academy. "Sometimes they lock us down, put us in our rooms and then do it, or they wait until most of the other kids are off the unit."
    Allegations of abuse and intimidation at the Golden Eagle have also reached the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department, which refers adolescent probationers with drug and alcohol problems to local treatment programs. More than a year ago, the department stopped sending its probationers to the Golden Eagle after complaints about the facility, and Quanell X in particular, began to mount.
    "All of our kids have identified [Quanell] as being the instigator of racially based retaliations," says executive director Elmer Bailey. "And we established quite a while back that there were very well-founded complaints against specific staff members. It's a community-based agency, so we tell families about the facility. But we do not place the children in our custody there any longer."
    As described by Quanell X, the MFOI --which stands for Mental Freedom Obtains Independence --is a "paramilitary" organization for young African-American males formed to combat police brutality and other manifestations of white oppression. As on-site director of the Golden Eagle Leadership Academy, Quanell is in daily contact with any number of black kids who, in the tradition of Malcolm X, could decide to quit drugs and alcohol, accept the teachings of Allah and dedicate their lives to saving the black man.
    But parents of Anglo and Hispanic residents say the Golden Eagle offers little for their sons other than an opportunity to "dry out." The quality of treatment is poor, they say, and the all-black staff indifferent. Meanwhile, all the residents, who attend an HISD alternative school on-site, are enveloped in an Afrocentric environment saturated with the culture of the Nation of Islam, whose leaders, from Malcolm X to Louis Farrakhan, have denounced white people as devils.
    "On the anniversary of the Million Man March," recalls one recently discharged resident, a 16-year-old Anglo boy, "the black kids were allowed to skip school. Mr. X told us we had to go to school because of what our ancestors did."
    Richard Johnson initially agreed to be interviewed for this story ... But he failed to show for the appointment, and he did not respond to subsequent repeated calls to his pager number and to his campaign headquarters. Likewise, the Press was unsuccessful in trying to reach Quanell X at the Barbara Jordan Recovery Center and through the Golden Eagle Leadership Academy's corporate offices…
    … the state has proven itself generous with Johnson's program… the Golden Eagle Leadership Academy -- after changing its name from the Institute of Healthy Families & Community -- received $565,752 in state funds through UT for fiscal year 1997-98.
    Golden Eagle was not required by the state to submit a budget detailing how the money would be spent. Instead, it was given an extension of the Institute of Healthy Families & Community's 1996-97 contract --even though, according to TCADA, the Institute has been ruled ineligible to receive state money until it produces an audit of its 1995-96 operations
    The Institute received roughly $460,000 that year. According to a one-page "budget worksheet" provided to the Press by UT, more than 80 percent of that funding -- almost $380,000 --was set aside for employee salaries and benefits. Just $9,133 was earmarked for direct costs of residents, including a mere $1,333 for food. By way of comparison, a total of $9,173 was budgeted for office supplies, meals and entertainment and travel expenses.
    It should be noted that Richard Johnson was the treasurer of at least one of Michael Yarbrough's election campaigns. The councilman has made a habit of failing to file timely campaign-finance reports, as required by state law. Among the reports that Yarbrough has yet to submit is the one that was due in January 1996…
    At the time, undercover FBI agents posing as investors were dangling bribes before council members who were preparing to award a $155-million contract to build a convention center hotel. Johnson, who has not been implicated, was the only Council aide called to testify before a federal grand jury investigating the bribery allegations. Earlier this year, Yarbrough was one of six people indicted on bribery and conspiracy charges resulting from the FBI sting. This week, both Yarbrough and Johnson were charged with misdemeanor campaign reporting violations.

  • The Houston Chronicle reported  on 4/18/98:
             Richard Johnson and Quanelle X joined forces to protest at TSU.

            “…About 30 students packed the room. Among others, Ennett was flanked by former Nation of Islam youth minister Quanell X and Richard Johnson of 100 Black Men of Metropolitan Houston. …”

  • Harris County Clerks Office filings for Assumed Names show  File# 961713 entered on 12/6/1999 to be owned by Richard Andrew Johnson on 8738 Fannette (the same address as his current voter registration).  What did he claim ownership of?
             ORGANIZATION FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN UNITY AND                    
            6101 Hircsh
            Houston TX 77026

    Wikipedia describes OAAU as:

    The Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU) was a Pan-Africanist organization founded by Malcolm X in 1964…The OAAU pushed for black control of every aspect of the black community. At the founding rally, Malcolm X stated that the organization's principal concern was the human rights of blacks, but that it would also focus on voter registration, school boycotts, rent strikes, housing rehabilitation, and social programs for addicts, unwed mothers, and troubled children. Malcolm X saw the OAAU as a way of "un-brainwashing" black people, ridding them of the lies they had been told about themselves and their culture."
    The portrait painted in these articles
    seems inconsistent with the
“lifelong Christian Conservative”
Mr. Johnson  claims to be in

A search of the  Harris County Clerk’s Office Assumed Name filings shows Richard Johnson has filed as the owner of at least 13 Assumed Names from 1992 through 2012 at the same address as his voter registration as well as two more at the address where his wife is registered to vote.

It is quite interesting that just 16 weeks ago, on 1/6/2012,  he filed as the  owner of The Harris County Republican Minority Leadership Council! (file # 1104435)

There are  more published stories. You can read about about  Mr. Johnson using Golden Eagle boys and resources to benefit his own political campaigns  or Mr. Johnson getting an inspector fired  for doing his job at the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse when the inspector gave a negative licensing evaluation to Mr. Johnson’s Golden Eagle Training Academy.

But, people can change. Maybe all this was in his past and NOW he is truly an honest, Christian CONSERVATIVE.

Except, there are two current items to take into account:
  1. Just last year, Richard Johnson spoke at a Houston City Council meeting. The minutes of the meeting show that when he signed up to speak, he listed his home address as the house on Fannette  where he is registered to vote, but the phone number he gave, 713-320-3785, was the same number given that day for the Greater Houston Coalition of Justice speaker, Randall Kallinen. When Mr. Kallinen spoke, he described GHCJ as ” an umbrella group for 16 civil rights organizations”.
                An internet search shows Randall  was involved in organizing a
 Green Party protest.The protest announcement read:
“... Let us raise our voices together to demand an end to the deaths of our  brothers and sisters in the community—and some real accountability by law enforcement personnel. This event is sponsored by Civilians Down, ACLU—Houston, and the Progressive Workers Organizing Committee. For more information, please contact Randall at (713) 320-3785 …   In Solidarity,”
Yes, this could be classified as guilt by association, or should I say “liberal by association” – either way, it doesn’t change the minutes of the meeting showing  Mr. Johnson’s own speech to  Houston City Council :
Mr. Johnson read the 13th Amendment and stated that amendment was the one that was supposed to have freed slaves, but in 1979 the State of Texas had 17 state prisons and by 2000 they had 137 … That the educational system was under attack with the state threatening to cut funding…they should read the Texas Appleseed report, the from schools to prison pipeline, as it was a very telling and thorough study.”

Who is Texas Appleseed and what do they do?
Their website says they “Promote Social and Economic Justice…” An article in the Dallas Observer on March 30, 2011 entitled, “Kicking the Class C Ticket Out of Classrooms,” describes the team effort between Texas Appleseed and the ACLU of Texas to place more restricts on the types of disciple techniques that school districts in Texas can use on unruly students.

2. Mr. Johnson’s Campaign Finance Reports also show some concerns.
  • On 12/7/11 his filer fee of $750.00 was listed as paid from personal funds by Richard Johnson - whose address is 8030 Hertfordshire in Spring  - but that is NOT the address where he is registered to vote- it is the address where he is listed as the owner of the house and where his wife is registered to vote.

  • Both of his Campaign Finance reports filed with the Harris County Clerk on 1/17/12 and  4/30/12 state that his campaign has had  $0.00 campaign expenses. That is right – ZERO.

But, his own very professional campaign website,,  reads:

Pol. Ad Paid for by the Richard Johnson Campaign,
Dante' Johnson, Treasurer. |
Website by
And his campaign card also reads:

“Pol. Ad Pd. for by the Richard Johnson Campaign,
     Atty. Dante’ Johnson, Treasurer.”

While I can’t determine the exact cost of his website designed by or the coated, four-color campaign cards, I’m reasonably sure the costs weren’t ZERO.




I don’t have the answers -  but I do know one thing for sure – No true conservative or Tea Partier should give one penny to the Republican Party – especially to the Republican Party of Harris County. Only give your hard earned dollars directly to candidates that you have personally vetted – because you cannot trust the Republican Party to have done any background work.

And never – never ever – believe that “leadership” in the Harris County GOP means anything more than the person with the deepest pockets.


Anonymous said...

Well,realistically,it isn't all that difficult to get on the ballot as a GOP candidate in Harris County...long years ago,I plopped down $500 and ran as the unopposed GOP nominee for Congress in the 18th District against the then incumbent Barbara Jordan...primarily because nobody else wanted to run against her...I was a mere 26 at the time...needless to say,given the ethnic demographics of that district,I lost overwhelmingly...but I got my money's worth

Robbins Mitchell

Anonymous said...

What an eye-opener. Although I don't live in Harris Co., this should be a wake-up call to voters all over the state.

Thank you for investigating. We should be this thorough with EVERY candidate.

Rhymes With Right said...

Let’s do a little reality checking for you.

1) There is no way to keep someone from running in a party primary. If they pay their fee and file their petition, you have to let them on the ballot — that is state law.

2) Anyone making the appropriate donation can join the RLC — it is a group for high-dollar donors to the party. One of the privileges of membership is the right to have that logo next to your name, identifying you as a high-dollar donor. It does not give you any position of leadership in the party.

Now, the post raises some interesting questions about Richard Johnson, so I’ll pass them on to the Harris County GOP.

PolitiJim said...

Rhymes With Right,

I think the issue here is two fold. First the GOP has "Leadership" positions FOR SALE. That is the choice of whoever is running the Harris Co GOP which opens itself to ridicule - if not outright fraud by those trying to weaken the GOP as it seems in this case.

Secondly, as Randall Terry has learned in his run against Barack Obama for the Democrat Presidential nomination, the party can certainly make public it's position on the candidates running and enact and enforce it's own internal rules INCLUDING that of disclosure. In that case the DNC is sending out letters to those carrying advertisements to inform them of their displeasure.

The Harris Co GOP? Sells the title of a "Republican Leader" to someone whose licensed was revoked by the state due to reports of indoctrinating impressionable African American teens with Malcolm X teachings.

Anonymous said...

If you go to the Harris County Republican Party website, next week you will find the report from the Candidate Committee which gives this information on all the non-judicial candidates who were interviewed. HCRP does not sell "leadership positions." All the people who are truly leading the party are volunteers and they contribute money to the party. Please don't castigate HCRP because the law does NOT allow them to discriminate against anyone who wants to run.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your research on Richard Johnson. This information definitely needs to come out. Party leadership and activists are simply not aware of this information. It is the job of the HCRP Candidates Committee to try to vet the non-judicial candidates, but they have not released their report yet. Have you made sure they are aware of all these facts? If not, why not? Even if the Candidates Committee does find out about it, there is nothing they or the Party can legally do about it, other than to try to publicize the information. Hopefully they will do that, but they will be accused of being racists when they do.

You seem to imply that the Harris County Republican Party should not have let Richard Johnson onto the ballot. You need to check your facts before making such accusations. The Republican Party would love to have the right to keep such people off the Republican ballot, but Texas Elections Code forces each party to allow anyone to file. Because of this, we have an alleged wife-beater, plus a former judge who was removed from the bench for judicial misconduct, on our ballot, in addition to Johnson. We should all talk to our legislators about the problem, but they will likely tell us that the Federal Voting Rights Act does not allow them to change it. That is one thing that we honestly can "blame Bush" for since he signed the bill to extend it. We still have 18 years left on this awful law, which allows the Obama Department of Justice to control everything we do in elections in Texas.

One other misconception in your article: members of the Republican Leadership Council do not become part of leadership. They simply get to go to an occasional private event and meet various elected officials. Paying their $1000, or higher level, of sponsorship does not make them leadership. Instead, they get to go and meet the leadership. It also gives them a few free tickets to the annual Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner. This kind of thing is done all over the country by both parties and many others in order to raise support money. If you would like to replace all the Party money raised that way with an annual humongous donation of your own, I am sure that everyone would be very appreciative. Personally, I cannot afford to do that, so I am very happy that others give major donations to support the Party while I donate my time and effort.

Still another misconception in your article: people who give money to support the Harris County Republican Party will not be supporting Richard Johnson by doing so. Johnson is financially helping to support the Party, not the other way around. It is the job of all of us to get out this information on Richard Johnson. There are also numerous vetting groups that research and endorse candidates. I am not aware of any of them endorsing Johnson. Extremely few precinct chairs support Johnson. Also, none of the major mail-out slates is endorsing him. Everyone complains about the mail-out slates, but they do help ensure that candidates with major baggage do not win the Republican primary. Because of all this, Johnson is highly unlikely to win the primary.

Thanks again for getting out the facts on Johnson. However, please be equally diligent in your research about how the party and the law work. Legitimate criticism is always in order, but we all need to do our best to be entirely factual. Please stay involved and let's all work to get the best candidates nominated in the May 29th primary and elected in November.

Rhymes With Right said...

In other words, PolitiJim, you want us to act like Democrats, with the party endorsing or condemning candidates in the primary rather than letting the people decide. Talk about giving power to the "Establishment" to crush the "grassroots"!

And I again remind you -- making the donation does not make you a part of the leadership -- as is better explained in the reply a couple below yours.

Anonymous said...

Harris County GOP: "Well, yeah, we call it the 'leadership council' even though they're not actually leaders of the GOP. It's just a nice name we invented to collect money. It's kind of like 'Who's Who" but with a lot less transparency.

"The voters know better than to believe what the GOP says when we're busy raising money.

"As for allowing a socialist, Nation of Islam infiltrator to run with an 'R' after his name and not let the voters know until after early voting starts....oops. They don't call us the 'stupid party' for nothing."

victoria_29 said...

I would really like to talk to the author of this blog. It is exactly this type of thing that should be making us look at some of the Independent candidates running for Congress. The GOP has shut out many conservatives forcing them to run this way.

PolitiJim said...

Rhymes With Right said...
In other words, PolitiJim, you want us to act like Democrats, with the party endorsing or condemning candidates in the primary rather than letting the people decide.

What a foolish argument. To imply using the pressure of the party to point out a fraud that would continue to tarnish the Republican brand is not "being like a Democrat".

Obama got in office because "Republicans" were no longer considered any better on finance or foreign policy than Democrats. Why? Because they didn't ACT like it.

Here's a guy that spoke before the Houston City Council LAST YEAR proposing not just DEMOCRAT programs - but FAR LEFT Democrat programs.

You're an idiot if you think quelling clearly socialist rhetroic from a GOP candidate is "crushing the grassroots."

Furthermore, allowing Johnson to buy a Leadership title and pass it off to thousands of unsuspecting Harris County voters. When those photos with GOP Leaders circulate, you HArris CO GOP Leaders might realize selling "Leadership" positions might have been sold too cheap.

Clearly YOU are part of the problem of the GOP establishment by attacking someone merely pointing out the complete lack of scrutiny by the Harris Co GOP and it's Obama like "credits for cash" program.

Rhymes With Right said...

Actually, Jim, whining ass-sitters like you and the author of this blog are the problem. Get out and work for the party, don't just stand on the sidelines and complain.

PolitiJim said...

Rhymes With Right said...
Actually, Jim, whining ass-sitters like you and the author of this blog are the problem. Get out and work for the party, don't just stand on the sidelines and complain.

WOW! What a brilliant retort! Work for a party filled with corruption and ignorance that doesn't respond to TRUE conservative values? Forgive me if I take my "talents" elsewhere by getting the "entitled privileged" behemoth apologists like you out. And for your information the writer of this blog spends more time actually WORKING on integrity in Harris Co politics than most (including you most likely) do in a year.

(Hint: Next time try and use FACT based rhetoric instead of Soros "attack the attacker" liberalism as you just did here - you might take a tiny step to restoring the Harris Co GOP image).

texastrashtalk said...

Young men, please use nicer language on my site. I never allowed the word "a**" to be used in my classroom, and I would prefer not to read it here. Thank you.

As for the article, all I did was repeat what I found. It is the Harris County GOP that chose to call their financial booster club a "Leadership Council," not me.

I must admit that I was one of the voters fooled by the title. It implies that the persons involved have done something in a leadership role for the party, be it as a precinct chair or serving on some sort of committee. You have to search and read fine print to find out people just purchase the title. If this was a business, the BBB would most likely be challenging them for false advertising.

I bet if George Soros moved to Houston tomorrow and paid the $25,000 fee to earn the title, “President of Harris County Republican Party Leadership Council,” things would change very quickly!

As for working for the party, I have. I found it to be a disorganized and frustrating place to volunteer. And, they do not make "Tea Partiers" feel welcome. They seem to prefer having ”4-R's” hanging around their office.

When you think about it, it really is comical. The Harris County GOP treats many Tea Partiers as threats but they welcome lifelong Democrats with open arms. Go figure!!

I simply found another political group who gets twice the work done in half the time, and volunteer there instead. Because of that work, I have been able to assist in REAL change.

And I beg to differ on the candidate issue. I feel it is the responsibility of a party to vet their candidates and make the voters aware of their findings. I have attended numerous meet & greets this campaign season, and NOT ONCE, did party leadership even mention concerns about any candidate. The only negatives come from other voters through word of mouth or emails. Outsiders have no idea who to believe.

By the way, I only found out about the background of this candidate because my goal this past year has been stopping the total waste of taxpayer money called HCDE. As I was looking into the persons running for the HCDE board this election, I came across information I felt it was my duty to make known. I am still shocked that the Harris County GOP has done NOTHING to educate their voters even though mailed ballots are already in the hands of the voters.

I am still researching the other candidates and have no idea what I will find. Actually, with all the corruption I have found during my research on HCDE, nothing even surprises me anymore. But, if I find something about an HCDE board candidate I think voters deserve to know before they cast their ballot, I will post it ASAP.


Rhymes With Right said...

Let me begin with an apology for the language. Lost my cool.

Now on to the issue at hand. The problem is that the party bylaws dictate that the county party cannot take a stand for or against any candidate on the primary ballot. It would appear that this is understood as not publishing any pro or anti information on any candidate, hence the silence.

I've put out feelers to top leadership in the party and have, alas, gotten no response. Just one more reason I'm endorsing the opposition in the race for party chair.

I'm also curious -- have you thought about running for precinct chair in your precinct? I believe the filing period remains open. Contact me at the email address over at my place for more info -- and maybe just to swap some classroom war stories. :)

Anonymous said...

It is not a by-law rule on endorsements. It is just how things are done. The party, through its candidates committee can publish their findings through questionnaires and interviews. Information not favorable or favorable can come out via this process from a committee.

The Leadership Council is title and carries no weight. Every organization does something similar for fund raising. Nothing new here.

If you want a response, from the party, there are plenty of avenues to go about it. Calling the Party chair is not the only means. There is a whole executive council. There is also the SD chair. Ask them. We elected them!! I have never had a problem getting answers to my questions from the party. IT may not be instantaneous but I get them nonetheless.

Anonymous Activist said...

Anonymous, much wisdom in your educated comments--if we are ever going to unify and have respectful communication between like-minded conservatives, we need this knowledge--as to how the Party works, and all the different avenues to get information--the few at the top cannot possibly handle it all---another instance of We the People have to all do our share--and those truly in levels of leadership are doing a great job of communicating, and are glad to do it. If you don't have a knowledgable precinct chairman, go to your SD chair, and so on - they have a wealth of insight, and more than happy to help.

Anonymous Activist said...

I might also mention that the search for the truth on this candidate began (or at least was enhanced,) with a penetrating interview with him by some activists--having seen his opponent's flyer on all the candidates backgrounds. Just part of the total "vetting process" that we take seriously as RP activists. The system is working.

Anonymous said...

research Jim Barr running fior the 337th district court - amazing. Every conservative republican woman should be out for his head.

Anonymous said...

"How many more..." How about council member Costello, who in '09 was both an RLC member and a 'sustaining member' of the Harris County Dem. Party...

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